Power Use:
Average Usage Per Day: hours/day
Daily Consumption (in kWh):
Monthly Consumption (in kWh)
Yearly Consumption (in kWh)

Average wattage of the household appliances

The wattage of the appliances is the label on an energy consumption label, you can easily find the wattage of the device on the back or bottom.
Like the below Image

How to calculate the power consumption of a device?

we can quickly calculate the energy usage of electrical devices using the power consumption formula.
(Wattage of device (in watts) x Hours Used Per Day)/1000 = Daily Energy Consumption (kWh/Day)
For calculating the monthly consumption of the device,daily consumption multiply by 30
Per day consumption (kWh) x 30 (Days) =Monthly Consumption of device (kWh/Month)
Let's take an example:-
If your home refrigerator operates 24 h a day. Let’s assume that your refrigerator wattage label is 500 watts.
  • Energy Consumption per day
  •                    (500 watts X 24 hours)/1000 =12 Kwh per day
    • How much energy used over a Month?
    •                     12  kWh per day X 30 days = 360 kWh per month

      1.Electric Bulb Wattage

      Do you know how many watts an electric bulb is? Its wattage is written on the top or cover of each bulb.
      In the olden times, The bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison, whose light was yellow, it was 100W (100 watts). Being a 100w bulb, it consumed a lot of electricity.
      But in today's time, a lot of white light CFL and LED bulbs have come, which are a bit expensive but using them saves a lot in our electricity bill.LED bulb ranging from 5 watts to 100 watts has been built for use in small to large halls.

      2.Electric Fan Wattage

      An electric fan is used to maintain the temperature in summer days, it is commonly used during hot and humid summer days to increase air circulation in our home or offices.
      It is the second electric appliance after the bulb that is used in every household. There are 3 types of an electric fans.
      • Ceiling Fan Wattage
      • The fan which is hung from the ceiling is called a ceiling fan. A common ceiling fan used in our homes ranges from 65W to 75W
        •  Stand Fan Wattage
        • A normal stand fan can also range from 65 watts to 75 watts.
          • Table Fan Wattage
          • The table fan is the smallest AC fan that offers personalized cooling to the person. Table fans can range from 30w to 100 watts.

            3.Mobile Charger Wattage

            In today's time, everyone will have at least one simple mobile phone. Also, they will have a mobile charger to charge each smartphone. A simple mobile charger can be up to 5 watts but a branded mobile or smartphone charger can be less than 5 watts.

            4.Electric Iron Wattage

            An electric iron is a very useful home appliance which uses for removing wrinkles from fabric. Although it is not usually used in all the houses, in the coming time it will be used in almost all the houses. There are 2 types of electric iron.
            • Automatic Iron
            • The feature of automatic iron is that when the iron starts to overheat, it stops automatically so that there is no damage to the clothes. A typical automatic iron is 500W, 750W and 1000W.
              • Non Automatic Iron Wattage
              • Electric iron that does not turn off by itself when it is excessively heated is called non-automatic iron. A typical non-automatic iron can range from 250 watts to 500 watts.

                5.Television Wattage

                Television is used to watch movies and listen to songs. Although it is not seen in all the houses, it is still a very popular electric appliance. Television is also abbreviated as TV. There are mainly 2 types of television.
                • Colour Television
                • In color television, any video can be viewed with all-natural colors. Color television is available in various sizes in the market. Of these, 14 inch, 19 inch, 21 inch, and 24-inch televisions have been the most famous. A color TV can range from 65 watts to more watts.
                  • LED TV Wattage
                  • LED TV is an evolved form of television which is much lighter than television and is also very easy to maintain.
                    Not only this, but LED TV also offers some advanced options compared to television.It is also 14 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches and 24 inches like color television. An LED TV can range from 50 watts to maximum watts.

                    6.Room Heater Wattage

                    Just as the fan is used in the summer, in the same way, the room heater is used to make your room environment warm even in the winter season. Room heater comes in a variety of different prices.
                    The room heater used in a common man's home usually starts at 400 watts and comes up to thousands of watts.

                    7.Mixer Grinder Wattage

                    A mixer grinder machine is used to grind spices and to make food paste. A typical mixer machine starts at 500 watts and comes up to thousands of watts.

                    8.Hand Blender Wattage

                    The hand blender is also a kind of machine like a mixer grinder.The  Hand blender used for making Food paste, pureeing soups, making juice. A simple hand blender starts at 250 watts.

                    9.Water Geyser/Heater Wattage

                    Water geysers are used to heat water. Water geyser is also known as a water heater. It consumes more power due to its high wattage, due to which a common man cannot buy it. A simple geyser also operates at 500 watts and comes up to thousands of watts.

                    10.Electric Stove Wattage

                    Food is cooked on an electric stove using electricity. An electric stove is also expensive due to which it has not yet reached the common people. A simple electric stove operates at 1200 watts.

                    11.Domestic Refrigerator Wattage

                    A refrigerator is a device that creates an artificial cooling environment of the desired temperature. A household refrigerator is also of 100 watts.

                    12. Washing Machine Wattage

                    A washing machine is a household appliance used for washing clothes.A simple washing machine operates at 1200 watts.

                    13.Air Conditioner Wattage

                    An air conditioner also is known as AC, A / C is used for removing heat and moisture from the occupied places to improve occupants' comfort. Air conditioning commonly used in domestic and commercial environments the smallest AC operates at 500 watts.

                    14.Microwave Oven Wattage

                    Microwave is a very useful thing, which is being used in almost every household.It is used for cooking, for heating food and for making different types of microwave oven related dishes.
                    With this help, food can be heated in a very short time.A simple microwave oven can be from 600 watts to 2000 watts.

                    15.Electric Kettle Wattage

                    Electric Cattle is an appliance that is used for boiling water or heating beverages without any hassle. The water heats up quickly and you don't have to be used the gas for this purpose.
                    Many things can be done with electric cattle. The size of the electric cattle is small, which can be placed anywhere and can be carried easily.
                    The Best Electric Cattle is the one that consumes less energy and boils water quickly.It can boil 3- 4 liters of water in just 4-5 minutes.
                    Some things should be kept in mind before buying the best electric kettle such as water boiling speed, type of heating metal, body material and price of the kettle.A simple electric kettle oven can be from 1200 watts to 2000 watts.

                    16.Dishwasher Power Wattage

                    In simple words, you can call a dishwasher a robot that cleans and rinses dirty dishes also saves you from the potential danger from bacteria and germs
                    All types of dishwashers are available in the market, but before purchasing it, keep in mind your requirements.A dishwasher can be from 1000 watts to 3000 watts.

                    17.Good Knight Machine Wattage

                    The Good Knight Machine is a small machine that is small enough to fit into a pocket. Good night machines are used to drive away mosquitoes.
                    This machine works with a poisonous liquid which is harmful only to the mosquito. Good night machine is up to 10 watts. Keep in mind that Good Knight is the name of a company and its machine is more popular.

                    18.DTH Wattage

                    DTH is a device that captures the signal sent by satellite and shows it to us on television or LED TV. It is also known as Dish TV and set-top-box. A typical DTH is from 8 watts to 25 watts.

                    19.Home Theater Wattage

                    Although the entertainment of the whole world has been captured in mobile and smartphone nowadays, the home theater is still famous in the same way as it was before.
                    In the home theater, people can listen to Mp3 songs in a melodious voice and the tune of a DJ. Although home theater comes in many types.
                    Home theater with 2-ampere transformers is more commonly used in normal homes. A simple home theater can also be of 100 watts.

                    20.Fog Machine Wattage

                    Just as the Good Night machine is used to drive away from the mosquito, in the same way, the fog machine also used to get rid of mosquito.
                    But the biggest difference between the two is that the good night machine makes an impact in a small room while the fog machine makes its impact in a very large area.
                    This machine can get rid of mosquitoes and many small creatures in less time. However, this machine is new and expensive. A simple fog machine is also 400 watts and comes up to thousands of watts.
                    This post describes the minimum wattage capacity of all devices. If you feel any problem with this post, please inform us without delay. Also, if any equipment is not mentioned here, then do let us know.