If You encountered an AttributeError stating: "module 'psycopg2' has no attribute 'paramstyle'."

To address this issue, you can:

  1. Check your code to ensure that you are using the correct attribute name 'paramstyle' from the 'psycopg2' module.
  2. Verify that the version of the 'psycopg2' module you are using supports the 'paramstyle' attribute.
  3. If you recently updated the 'psycopg2' module, make sure that any changes in attribute names or behavior are accounted for in your code.
  4. Review the documentation or release notes of the 'psycopg2' module to see if there are any changes or deprecations related to the 'paramstyle' attribute.
  5. If necessary, try reverting to a previous version of the 'psycopg2' module that you know is compatible with your code.

You can try uninstalling psycopg2 and removing its requirement from the Poetry lock file. Then, manually install psycopg2-binary 2.9.5.

I solved the problem by reinstalling my PyGTK, Python, and SQLAlchemy environment. Additionally, I made changes in the setup.py file of my application for Py2exe.

I simply uninstalled and reinstalled psycopg2 again, and it worked like a charm.