I encountered a log message stating: "[GSI_LOGGER]: The value of 'callback' is not a function. Configuration ignored."

To address this issue, I would:

  1. Inspect the code where the 'callback' function is referenced to ensure that it is defined and properly implemented as a function.
  2. Verify that the 'callback' function is being passed correctly and that its reference is not being overwritten or modified elsewhere in the code.
  3. If the 'callback' function is dynamically generated or provided by a third-party library, ensure that it meets the required specifications and is compatible with the configuration being used.
  4. Review the documentation or source code of the configuration being ignored to understand the expected format and usage of the 'callback' function.
  5. If necessary, debug the application to trace the flow of execution and identify any inconsistencies or errors related to the 'callback' function.

I switched from using the HTML documentation to the JavaScript documentation, as VueJS functions better with this approach. Now, I simply use the callback function created within the methods:

mounted: function () {
    client_id: 'yyyyyyy.apps.googleusercontent.com',
    callback: this.handleCredentialResponse,