[!] unable to find a target named `runnertests` in project `runner.xcodeproj`, did find `runner`. 

Indicates that there is an issue with the specified target name in an Xcode project. The build system is unable to find a target named runnertests in the runner.xcodeproj project. However, it does find a target named runner.

You can try deleting the '/ios' folder and running 'flutter create --platforms ios .' in the terminal.

To resolve this issue, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Check Target Name: Verify that the target name specified in your build configuration or command exactly matches the target names defined in your Xcode project. In this case, ensure that the target is indeed named runnertests within the runner.xcodeproj project.

  2. Review Project Structure: Open your Xcode project (runner.xcodeproj) and navigate to the target section to confirm the names of the targets. Make sure there is a target named runnertests if that is the intended target.

  3. Update Build Configuration: If you are using a build configuration file or a script, double-check that it is correctly configured to use the runnertests target. Ensure that there are no typos or discrepancies in the target name.

  4. Check for Typos: Verify that there are no typos or case sensitivity issues in the target name. Targets in Xcode are case-sensitive, so make sure the specified target name exactly matches the case of the actual target name in the project.

  5. Use Available Targets: If there is no target named runnertests and you intended to refer to the runner target, update your configuration or command to use the correct target name, which is runner.

By carefully checking and correcting the target name in your build configuration or command, you should be able to resolve this error.

In this post, we are going to provide possible solutions for the "Unable to find a target named `Runner` in project `Runner.xcodeproj` did find `dev` and `prod`", you can try below approach.

Solution: 3 To resolve this issue, open the Podfile and comment out the following lines:

    # target 'RunnerTests' do
  #   inherit! :search_paths
  # end

I encountered the following issue:

Unable to find a target named 'Runner Tests' in project 'Runner.xcodeproj'.

To resolve it, I had to delete my 'ios' folder (not recommended if you've made changes to native iOS code) and then recreate it using this command:

    flutter create --platform ios .

Solution 4:I recently downloaded Flutter v2.0.4.

When I first opened my old project, VSCode showed errors in all my files. To resolve this, I ran flutter pub get, which eliminated the errors.

Next, I attempted to run the project in debug mode on the iOS simulator. Following that, I opened the 'ios' folder within the project in Xcode, selected 'runner' under 'targets', and verified the signing before testing it on my iPhone.

In your case, discard any recent changes or stash them with Git if necessary. Then, run flutter pub get and test it on the simulator. This should resolve the issue. Afterward, apply/pop your stash back, and you're good to go.

Additionally, note that whenever you run flutter clean, you'll need to run flutter pub get again, or else VSCode will display all your files in the 'lib' folder in red.

If flutter clean and flutter pub get don't resolve the issue properly, run the following commands:

    flutter clean
    flutter pub get
    cd ios
    rm Podfile
    pod setup
    flutter build ios

Solution 5: I encountered the same issue, and I resolved it by deleting my 'ios' folder. Then, I simply used the following commands:

    flutter create --platform ios .
cd ios
arch -x86_64 pod install # For Mac M1 users
pod install # For other users

Solution 6: After spending hours on Google, I finally opened the Podfile and discovered that the project name was incorrect. So, I simply replaced the incorrect project name with the correct one in the Podfile, and the issue was resolved.


    target 'Wrong Project Name' do
    pod 'Parse'
    pod 'SDWebImage'


    target 'Correct Project Name' do
    pod 'Parse'
    pod 'SDWebImage'