Yes, sharing Bundle ID is completely secure.

Bundle ID is what identifies your app (authentication). It's not a secret (authorisation).

In fact, if your service provider decides to download your app, he/she can easily peel off your app bundle to obtain your bundle ID by doing the following:

  • Get the .app file on mac
  • Right click->Show Package Contents
  • Open info.plist.

In fact, many legit 3rd party analytics firms / ad networks are already doing what I described above, in a much informational way - beyond just the bundle ID.

Everything related to the bundle is contained within this file.

What you should not share over the network contains following items:

  • plain text / base64 encoded / not encrypted passwords
  • app secrets with your third party providers
  • any other data that you feel is considered confidential from finance app standpoint - in an easily decipherable format

Credit Goes to: stackoverflow.com

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