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Since iOS changed its policy about handling voip push notifications, it forces you to report a new incoming call when receiving the voip: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/117939

This plugin does it: https://github.com/mattkhaw/cordova-plugin-callkit

It merges two plugins (WebsiteBeaver/CordovaCall and Hitman666/cordova-ios-voip-push). It worked for me. I just had to remove the receiveCall from the javascript and tweak a little bit the plugin.

The methods related to the voip notifications register are in the cordovaCall class, so it is pretty straightforward to work with.


Our app uses CallKit and push notifications, and it launches when a push notification arrives for a new incoming call. It has to be configured in the project build and run once to register with iOS for this, though.

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