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I never found a solution to this problem by using Main.strings. Instead I kept all translatable content in classes allowing me to rely solely on Localizable.strings.


I faced the same issue while on a project that was also created on Xcode 6. I resolved the issue in following way without compromising on localization of storyboard file:

  1. Import the XLIFF for localized language (in my case, it was French)
  2. Try to run the app, it will show the mentioned error
  3. Now, right-click on storybook file and click on “Show in Finder”
  4. From the directory location, move out the .storyboard file from Base.lproj folder
  5. Now go back to Xcode, and remove the storyboard file (only reference)
  6. Now, drag the .storyboard file from its new location into the project
  7. Now, add localization from ‘File Inspector’ for .storyboard file. You can use existing .strings file for localization

Everything should work fine now.

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Remove app from device, clean & build your project.

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