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Simple Employee json data

Here is a sample JSON file called EmployeeData.json, which contains the JSON array of the employees in the organization. The content of the JSON file is as follows:

In this Employee JSON example, we will look at how we can easily store values in a file using key-value pair with the help JSON format.

In JSON file Using the key-value pair notation, we can store all types of value including strings, arrays, etc.

Of course, one limitation is that we cannot store video, audio, or compressed data as we know that a JSON file is a text file we can edit JSON using any text editor.


Employee json structure 

{          "id": 4051,          "name": "manoj",          "email": "[email protected]",          "password": "Test@123",          "about": null,          "token": "7f471974-ae46-4ac0-a882-1980c300c4d6",          "country": null,          "location": null,          "lng": 0,          "lat": 0,          "dob": null,          "gender": 0,          "userType": 1,          "userStatus": 1,          "profilePicture": "Images/9b291404-bc2e-4806-88c5-08d29e65a5ad.png",          "coverPicture": "Images/44af97d9-b8c9-4ec1-a099-010671db25b7.png",          "enablefollowme": false,          "sendmenotifications": false,          "sendTextmessages": false,          "enabletagging": false,          "createdAt": "2020-01-01T11:13:27.1107739",          "updatedAt": "2020-01-02T09:16:49.284864",          "livelng": 77.389849,          "livelat": 28.6282231,          "liveLocation": "Unnamed Road, Chhijarsi, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307, India",          "creditBalance": 127,          "myCash": 0      }  

Large JSON file example download

In the below json example, you can see 10k employee data. please Take note of the structure and the level of nesting used and use a basic structure to store your data


Json structure

        {              "Serial Number": "9788189999599",              "Company Name": "TALES OF SHIVA",              "Employee Markme": "Mark",              "Description": "mark",              "Leave": "0"          }

Sample json file with hierarchy

if you are looking for JSON File with Multiple Hierarchical Layers then you can download it from the below. Below JSON example include the Multiple Hierarchical Layers.

Json file with hierarchy 100 Records


Json file with hierarchy 200 Records


Json file with hierarchy 500 Records


JSON Structure

{  "id": 2140,  "title": "gj",  "description": "ghj",  "location": "Hermannplatz 5-6, 10967 Berlin, Germany",  "lng": 0,  "lat": 0,  "userId": 4051,  "name": "manoj",  "isdeleted": false,  "profilePicture": "Images/9b291404-bc2e-4806-88c5-08d29e65a5ad.png",  "videoUrl": null,  "images": null,  "mediatype": 0,  "imagePaths": null,  "feedsComment": null,  "commentCount": 0,  "multiMedia": [      {  "id": 3240,  "name": "",  "description": null,  "url": "",  "mediatype": 2,  "likeCount": 0,  "place": null,  "createAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00"      }    ],  "likeDislike": {  "likes": 0,  "dislikes": 0,  "userAction": 2    },  "createdAt": "2020-01-02T13:32:16.7480006",  "code": 0,  "msg": null  }  

Download Sample product JSON data

if you are looking for product JSON File  then you can download it from the below.


Json structure

 {              "Product": "Alice Mutton",              "Customer": "ANTON",              "Qtr 2": "$702.00"   }  

Sample student JSON data

if you are looking for product StudentJson.json File  then you can download it from the below.


Json structure

{              "ID": "27",              "LastName": "DOE13",              "FirstName": "JOE13",              "City": "Intercourse",              "State": "Pennsylvania",              "Gender": "Male",              "StudentStatus": "Undergraduate",              "Major": "Math",              "Country": "US",              "Age": "20",              "SAT": "2119",              "Grade ": "88",              "Height": "71"          }  

JSON is often seen as an alternative to XML, another plain text data interchange format. In most cases, the JSON representation is more compact of an object than its XML representation because it does not require any tags for each element.An example is provided below an object name “Student” which is defined as both JSON and XML.


{    "student": {      "name": "Test""class": "Intermediate",      "address": {        "street": "4239  Farland Street",        "City": "Chicago",        "State": "IL"      }    }  }


<student>  <name>Test</name>  <batch>Test</batch>  <address>  <street>4239  Farland Street</street>  <City>Chicago</City>  <State>IL</State>  </address>  </student>

As you can see, the object is represented more efficiently in JSON than XML.This is why the efficiency of JSON has helped it to become a more popular choice for web applications and now it is mostly used in place of XML.

Now Ajax applications commonly use JSON, Ajax technically stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.”
By the way, the difference between XML and JSON is quite negligible in small applications, while the low overhead of JSON helps to reduce bandwidth and other system resources that are used by high-traffic websites.

JSON Elements

A JSON file contains many elements,

  1. Array ([) – In a JSON file, square bracket ([) represents the JSON array.
  2. bjects ({) – curly bracket represents the JSON object.
  3. key – A JSON object contains a key which is a string. Too many keys together create a JSON object.
  4. value- Each key has a value that can be string, integer or double, etc.

Let’s see by example: –

{    "stundents": [—'s an array.      {         "name": "yugal",          —it's an object.        "lastname": "tufu"      },      .{        "name": "manoj",        "lastname": "kinh"      },      {        "name": "pooja",        "lastname": "king"      },      {        "name": "ravi",        "lastname": "cook"      }    ]  }

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