Are you looking for a sample test .xlsx or .xls file with dummy data to test while implementing or developing software for the mobile app or Web App?.

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Sample xls and xlsx data for analysis

xls file with 100 Records
xls file with 500 Records
xls file with 1000 Records
xls file with 2000 Records
xls file with 10K Records
xls file with 500000 Records
xlsx file with 100 Records
xlsx file with 500 Records
xlsx file with 1000 Records
xlsx file with 2000 Records
xlsx file with 10K Records
xlsx file with 500000 Records

Sample Files for Free Download

A Spreadsheet is computer software or program that provides the facility to manage and arrange the data in the form of Row and Column, which means that the data you have arranged in Row and Column, in the form of Row and Column. You could do some kind of analysis.

This data can be any text, numerical information or logical information. On this, you can perform different types of calculations. The largest calculation can also be done in a short time by this.

If the data is written by creating a table in a simple way on a document, then if you have to do any calculation on that data then you cannot perform it automatically. But inside the Spreadsheet, there are tools that provide the facility to analyze data that is generated in the table form.

The following are the functions of a spreadsheet:

  • It performs some kind of calculation and data processing.
  • Sorting and searching can be done quickly and easily from any database.
  • It can create business graphics. Such as charts and graphs.

Know what Spreadsheet is used for and why it is used:

  • In this, you can store your data and content.
  • If you want to create your own budget or your department budget, business budget then you can use Spreadsheet.
  • With this help, you can do any kind of statistical analysis.
  • It can also be used to search for large files.

So download sample file from here ,play with that file.