Are you looking for sample test XML file with dummy data to test while implementing or developing a Web Services for the mobile app or Web App?.

you have come to the right place , allows programmers, testers, developers to download a sample XML file with multiple records, an XML file with a multilevel hierarchy structure.

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Simple Employee XML data


XML file with hierarchy 100 Records


XML file with hierarchy 200 Records


XML file with hierarchy 500 Records


Large XML file sample download  for testing Application performance


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Sample File XML Structure

<feeds>      <id>2140</id>      <title>gj</title>      <description>ghj</description>      <location>Hermannplatz 5-6, 10967 Berlin, Germany</location>      <lng>0</lng>      <lat>0</lat>      <userId>4051</userId>      <name>manoj</name>      <isdeleted>false</isdeleted>      <profilePicture>Images/9b291404-bc2e-4806-88c5-08d29e65a5ad.png</profilePicture>      <videoUrl />      <images />      <mediatype>0</mediatype>      <imagePaths />      <feedsComment />      <commentCount>0</commentCount>      <multiMedia>          <id>3240</id>          <name />          <description />          <url></url>          <mediatype>2</mediatype>          <likeCount>0</likeCount>          <place />          <createAt>0001-01-01T00:00:00</createAt>      </multiMedia>      <likeDislike>          <likes>0</likes>          <dislikes>0</dislikes>          <userAction>2</userAction>      </likeDislike>      <createdAt>2020-01-02T13:32:16.7480006</createdAt>      <code>0</code>      <msg />  </feeds>

Simple XML file for student details

if you are looking for product student xml File  then you can download it from the below.

<Source_Data>      <Product>Alice Mutton</Product>      <Customer>ANTON</Customer>      <Qtr_2>$702.00</Qtr_2>    </Source_Data>



Simple XML file for product details

if you are looking for product Xml File  then you can download it from the below.

<Source_Data>      <Product>Alice Mutton</Product>      <Customer>ANTON</Customer>      <Qtr_2>$702.00</Qtr_2>    </Source_Data>



For the last few years, XML has been used as a data format through which data can be transported easily between different networks, applications, and organizations. You must also have seen or heard about the XML file occasionally. Today we are going to talk about XML.

What is XML(Extensible Markup Language)?

The way to write code in XML is very similar to HTML. Tags are used in both HTML and XML.Using different tags in HTML to describe how the contents of the page (eg text, images, etc.) will be displayed on the user’s screen, XML fille also uses tags to stored and managed data.

XML is easier and more customizable than HTML. Where you use the tags already defined in HTML, in XML you can create a new tag yourself and prepare the structure of the document according to your needs, hence it is called extensible language.For example, you can see the XML code given below:

<teachers>  <teacher memberid = "10001">       <name> Rahul Sharma </name>       <gender> male </gender>        <subjects>         <subject name= "Math" class= "KG" />         <subject name= "Science" class= "PG" />         <subject name= "Social Science" class = "LKG" />       </subjects>  </teacher >  <teacher memberid = "10002">       <name> Ankit Sharma </name>       <gender> male </gender>        <subjects>         <subject name= "Math" class= "KG" />         <subject name= "Science" class= "PG" />         <subject name= "Social Science" class = "LKG" />       </subjects>  </teacher >  </teachers>  

We write the XML code in a separate file and save that file with .xml extension. After creating an XML document, it can also be used as a database. All data in XML is saved as plain text so it is very easy to access it by any application.

How does XML work?

Let’s know how XML works? Actually, the code in the XML document is written in a hierarchical way ie hierarchical structure and it requires an XML parser to read it. Parser divides this document into elements, attributes, and other small parts.
These separated parts are displayed by accessing an application or performing an operation on it as per the requirement.If there is a mistake in the format of the document, then it is declared as an error by the parser.Data can be sent by the parser to be processed on some of the following applications:

  • Any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • A word processor such as Microsoft Word
  • Another database such as SQL server
  • Can be imported into any online tool
  • Own programs written in Java, C, C ++, etc. can also access it

XML is very flexible, it is very easy to retrieve data from a document and can be used by accessing almost any application or program.

What is the use of XML?

  • XML is used to store data.
  • Its main job is to keep the data separate from the presentation. and then that data can be easily shown in different places in different formats.
  • XML is mostly used with HTML where XML stores data and HTML works to display that data as a table or in some other format.
  • XML can be used as a database in an application, program or software.
  • Web developers can use the XML file to create dynamic content and display it through different style sheets.
  • It is also used for data transfer between different programs.
  • In many organizations, XML is used to exchange data among themselves.

What are the Advantages of XML?

  • XML is very simple, it uses very little syntax and rules when coding.
  • It does not require any special tool or software to write code, it can be written through a simple code editor or notepad.
  • You can make tags in it yourself so there is no need to remember any tag.
  • It is both human-readable and machine-readable.This makes data sharing very easy.
  • Almost all programming languages like PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP, Python, .NET, C, C ++ support XML.

What are the Disadvantages in XML?

  • It does not have data type support.
  • The tags in XML are user-defined, ie what its coding and structure will be like, it is completely dependent on the writer, which may make it difficult for the other user to understand it.
  • It has to rely on HTML for processing.
  • HTML is used to display XML in a web browser. Any browser cannot understand XML directly, it has to be converted to HTML first.
  • It does not have pre-defined syntax so its code may be redundant which may affect the efficiency of the application.

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