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MS PowerPoint, whose full name is ‘Microsoft PowerPoint‘ and also known as ‘PowerPoint’, is a Presentation Program, which provides information in Slides format with some multimedia features.

PowerPoint was first created by a company Forethought inc in 1987, formerly named Presenter but later renamed PowerPoint and then Forethought Inc. Microsoft bought the company. Now PowerPoint comes with MS Office.

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What is the PowerPoint presentation

  • PPT is a type of program.
  • PPT means any type of information represented through slides. You can work on creating a presentation. Graphics, animation, songs, photos, PPT videos, the background can be added to PPT PowerPoint. You will find many types of tools in it.

Whenever we get a chance to attend a seminar or we get a chance to participate in a program, we see a lot of people giving a presentation there.

During the presentation, he explains all the facts to the people with the help of a projector.
Let me tell you that all the presentation work is done in Microsoft PowerPoint. But what is MS Powerpoint and what is its specialty?

  • Just like in MS Word, we can easily create any type of document, in the same way, we can prepare Presentation by MS PowerPoint. It is also known as a part of Microsoft.
  • The PowerPoint software was created on April 20, 1987, by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin.
  • This application has expanded graphics and formatting capabilities. with the help PowerPoint you can create an attractive presentation using , videos, animations, pictures,text, and charts in Presentation etc.