In this article, let’s look at How we can comment and uncomment blocks of code in the Office VBA Editor using the tool-bar option.

Method 1: By adding comment and uncomment option in the Toolbar

  1. Open the VBA editor, Click to “View” => Toolbars => Customize
    Or You can do the same step by right click on the toolbar and selecting Customize
  2. Click on the Commands tab, and select the Edit menu option on the left side.3
  3. Scroll down in the right side option, there are two options Comment Block and Uncomment Block. Click on that and Drag and drop Comment Block and Uncomment Block onto the tool-bar option.4

In this way, we have easy access to the Comment and Uncomment option for a block of code with the click of a button.


Method 2: using Edit toolbar

If you don’t want to add the option to Comment and Uncomment in the toolbar then you can use the below approach.

  1. Right-click any toolbar or menu=>Select the Edit toolbar6
  2. Now we can see a list of available toolbars with the Comment Block buttons in the middle, use the Comment and Uncomment button for commenting and uncommenting code.


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