In this article, you will learn how to create a login application in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). With Excel VBA, you can automate tasks in Excel using macros. We'll create a simple macro that will be executed after clicking on a command button.

Below we are going to discuess step by step n example of how you can design the login interface using a UserForm in Excel VBA:

  • Open Excel and press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor.
  • Go to Insert > UserForm to create a new UserForm.
  • Design the UserForm by adding TextBoxes for username and password inputs, and a CommandButton for the login action.
Here's an example of how you can create the UserForm:

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' Code for the UserForm named "LoginForm"

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    ' Set the title of the UserForm
    Me.Caption = "Login"
    ' Add a label for username
    Dim lblUsername As MSForms.Label
    Set lblUsername = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1", "lblUsername", True)
    With lblUsername
        .Caption = "Username:"
        .Left = 10
        .Top = 10
    End With
    ' Add a TextBox for username input
    Dim txtUsername As MSForms.TextBox
    Set txtUsername = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.TextBox.1", "txtUsername", True)
    With txtUsername
        .Width = 150
        .Left = 100
        .Top = 10
    End With
    ' Add a label for password
    Dim lblPassword As MSForms.Label
    Set lblPassword = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1", "lblPassword", True)
    With lblPassword
        .Caption = "Password:"
        .Left = 10
        .Top = 40
    End With
    ' Add a TextBox for password input
    Dim txtPassword As MSForms.TextBox
    Set txtPassword = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.TextBox.1", "txtPassword", True)
    With txtPassword
        .Width = 150
        .Left = 100
        .Top = 40
        .PasswordChar = "*" ' Mask the password characters
    End With
    ' Add a CommandButton for login action
    Dim btnLogin As MSForms.CommandButton
    Set btnLogin = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.CommandButton.1", "btnLogin", True)
    With btnLogin
        .Caption = "Login"
        .Width = 60
        .Left = 100
        .Top = 70
    End With
End Sub
Create a User Database:

  • Store usernames and passwords securely. One way is to use a hidden worksheet in your Excel file to store this information.
Ensure that passwords are encrypted or hashed for security.
Write VBA Code:

  • Open the VBA editor by pressing Alt + F11.
Write code to validate the username and password entered by the user against the user database.
If the credentials are correct, allow access to the spreadsheet. Otherwise, display an error message.
Here's an example of what the VBA code might look like:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim username As String
    Dim password As String
    ' Retrieve username and password from TextBoxes
    username = TextBox1.Value
    password = TextBox2.Value
    ' Check if username and password are correct
    If ValidateUser(username, password) Then
        ' Provide access to the spreadsheet or perform desired actions
        MsgBox "Login successful!", vbInformation
        ' Add code to open the main worksheet or perform other tasks
        MsgBox "Invalid username or password. Please try again.", vbExclamation
    End If
End Sub

Function ValidateUser(username As String, password As String) As Boolean
    Dim userDatabase As Worksheet
    Dim lastRow As Long
    Dim i As Long
    ' Assuming user database is stored in a worksheet named "Users"
    Set userDatabase = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Users")
    ' Find the last row in the user database
    lastRow = userDatabase.Cells(userDatabase.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    ' Loop through each row to check for matching username and password
    For i = 2 To lastRow ' Assuming data starts from row 2, and column A contains usernames, column B contains passwords
        If userDatabase.Cells(i, 1).Value = username And userDatabase.Cells(i, 2).Value = password Then
            ValidateUser = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next i
    ValidateUser = False ' If no matching username and password found
End Function