Typically an automatic iron can range from 500 to 1000 watts even up to 2000 watts, while the highest power-consuming device in your home, the fan uses only 70 watts. So now you can understand that an iron consumes many times more electricity than a fan used at home.

You can use our free Electronic Iron power consumption calculator to find out the energy usage. using this tool you can easily calculate your electricity cost.

Iron Setting Power Consumption (Watts)
Off 0
Low 800-1000
Medium 1000-1300
High 1300-1800

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Iron mainly ranges from 250 watts to 1000 watts or even more.Which is much more than the fans and bulbs used in our homes. Because of this, electricity bills of iron is also 10 to 50 times more than all those devices.
So if you want to reduce your electricity bill, whenever you go to the market to buy a new iron, then buy an iron of good and branded company. you can buy an electric iron of 500 watts.

How Much Power an Electronic Iron Uses - in Watts, Cost & kWh?

Now if you talk about the power consumption of iron, then you can easily calculate it yourself.First of all, check your iron, how much watts it is. You will find the watts of Electronic iron written on it, or you will find the wattage written in the box in which your Electronic iron was packed at the time of purchase.

Let's take an example

My Iron wattage= 500 Watts
Estimated usage Per Day = 1 hours per day

So Daily Energy consumption of your Iron
500W × 1 hour= 500 watts.
Monthly Energy consumption of your Iron
So thus 500W × 1 hour × 30 days = 15000 watts.

Divide by 1000 to convert watts into kilowatt.
500-watt/1000= .5 kWh
15000-watt / 1000 = 15 Kwh.

Daily Cost:- .5*.10=$.05‬
Monthly Cost:- 15*.10=$1.5

@Assuming electricity rate 10 cents per kilowatt-hour

220v ac is required for any electric device to work, in the same way, the same volt is required for iron. If there is a low voltage in your home's electricity,your iron will not work properly and will not heat up as needed.

Electric iron

This iron works on electricity and its strength depend entirely on the electrical voltage.The higher the voltage in electricity, the hotter it will be.But keep in mind that electric iron should not be supplied more than 200 or 220 volts because at higher voltage, there is a possibility of burning the coil of iron and also the burning of the fabric.

Tips and Tricks for Using an Iron

  1. Clean your iron regularly before and after the use to prevent it from getting out and ruining your clothes. You can clean a hot iron plate with a cloth dipped in a baking soda solution.
  2. Always iron using straight movements, Do not use circular movements. This can stretch your clothes and shorten the life of your clothes.
  3. Using hard water may block your electric iron and it can cause problems when ironing. it will reduce the efficiency of the iron due to which iron will consume more energy.
  4. While ironing the cloth, sprinkle some water with light hands on it. This will make the clothes straight.
  5. Do not use normal iron while pressing on woolen cloth. For this, you should always use a steam iron. Because the general press is not suitable for woolen clothes.
  6. Always use boil water in iron so that it removes the hardness of the clothes. Doing this also takes care of your ironing.
  7. If you do not have a steam iron, then put a thin cotton cloth or napkin on top of the woolen cloth.
  8. If there is a low voltage in your house then it is fine, but if there is a high voltage, do not use non-automatic or manual iron.If you use non-automatic or manual iron, then the chance of your clothes burning will be higher because the iron becomes hotter due to high voltage.Therefore, we advise that if there is a high voltage, then you should use automatic iron only.
  9. When we are doing wet clothes iron, we can get an electric shock from iron. Therefore always try to iron wet clothes only when it is very important and do not touch the clothes at that time.
  10. Our advice is that if there is any problem in the wiring of your house, do not use iron.If needed, first switch off all the rest of the equipment in your house, which will reduce the pressure on the electrical wire.