It's great to start your morning with a delicious, crispy piece of toast! But have you ever wondered how much electricity your toaster makes? 

Today in this post we will discuss how much your toaster is contributing to your electricity bill.The power consumption of a toaster ranges from 800 to 1500 watts depending on the specific model and features of the toaster.

If you are fond of eating tasty and crispy bread then Toaster will help you, toaster is a small kitchen appliance that helps in making bread tasty and crispy for morning breakfast.It has heating elements that heat the bread and turn it into toast and Toasters come in many sizes and styles, but most of them have two slots where you can put bread, some larger toasters offer four slots.

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How much electricity does a toaster use?

  • Toaster size: If you are using a larger toaster (4 slices) then it will consume more power, larger toasters consume more power than small toasters (2 slices).
  • Toaster wattage: Higher wattage toasters heat up faster so they use more power, a standard toaster's wattage uses between 600 to 1200 watts. If you want to toast your bread very quickly, then you will have to buy a toaster with high wattage which will consume more electricity.
  • Level of toasting: Power consumption also depends on whether you like your toast to be light or more crispy, making crispier toast requires more electricity as it will take the more time.
  • Duration of using the toaster: This is logical, the longer you use the toaster, the more power it will consume.

You can reduce the power consumption of your toaster using some tips

  • Pay attention to the wattage of your toaster: Choose a toaster with a lower wattage. Even though it heats up slowly, it will consume less electricity.
  • Make toast as per requirement: Prepare only as many toasts as you plan to eat, avoid reheating leftover toast as reheating again consume the power.
  • Use timer: Modern toasters have a timer, use it to prevent toast from burning and also to save electricity.
  • Keep the toaster clean: Sometimes bread crumbs stuck in the toaster force , which increases power consumption so make sure to clean your toaster on regular basis.

So you see, you can enjoy delicious crispy toast, and can also save electricity using the simple tips mentioned, you can reduce your electricity bill by making slight changes in your morning habits.