Use this Watts (W) to volt-amps (VA) calculator for calculating the Volt-amps.Please input power(P) in watts and PF and Click the Calculate button to obtain apparent power(S) in the result.
In this blog, we will help you understand the difference between watts and VA and tell you how to convert watts to VA.

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How to convert watts to volt-amps?

Watts to VA conversion formula

S(VA) =  P(in Watts) / Power Factor

P=power(P in watts)
PF=power factor
S=apparent power in volt-amps
So that you can define "volt-amps(VA) are equal to Power(in watts) divided by the PF in the circuit.

volt-amps(VA) = watts(W) / PF
or You can re-write this formula like this
VA = W / PF
Let' take an example

Find out the apparent power(S) in volt-amps where the power(P) is 2000W and the PF is 0.8 in the circuit.
Apply formula for the Solution:
S = 2000W / 0.8 = 2500VA
we measure the electrical power in watts and volt-amperes you can say that watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA are the unit of the electrical power. Watts represent the real power and VA represent the apparent power.The electronic device labeled with both values or one, it represents wattage or you can say that how much power the will usage.
What is Watt?
Power represent real power. you can define power is the amount of energy which is consumed by the electrical device or produced by the electrical device.
1 Watt is equal to the 1 joule (energy) per second i.e (1 W = 1 J/s).
What is Volt-Amperes?
The apparent power(S) in VA is used to represent the power ratings, using VA we can calculate current draw.
Volt-Amperes=Root Mean Square(RMS)xRoot Mean Square(RMS)amps.
RMS current(I)= VA rating/RMS voltage
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Watts to VA Conversion Chart (Power Factor = 1)

Watts (W) VA (Volt-Ampere)
500 W 500 VA
600 W 600 VA
700 W 700 VA
800 W 800 VA
900 W 900 VA
1000 W 1000 VA
1100 W 1100 VA
1200 W 1200 VA
1300 W 1300 VA
1400 W 1400 VA
1500 W 1500 VA
1600 W 1600 VA
1700 W 1700 VA
1800 W 1800 VA
1900 W 1900 VA
2000 W 2000 VA

In today's world, everyone wants to save energy, especially electricity. When buying electrical appliances and understanding their use, units like watts (W) and volt amperes (VA) often come up. 
But what is the difference between the two and how they can be converted into one another can be a bit confusing.

What does Watt (W) mean? (Watt (W) Ka Matlab Kya Hai?)

Watt (W) is the basic unit of measuring power consumption. It tells how quickly an appliance is actually consuming power. For example, a 60-watt light bulb will consume less power than a 100-watt light bulb. So, appliances with lower watt ratings consume less power.

What does Volt Ampere (VA) mean? (What does Volt Ampere (VA) mean?)

Volt Ampere (VA) is an electrical quantity that indicates the total electric current drawn by a device. 
It is slightly different from watts because it indicates not only the power consumption but also the product of voltage and current.

What is Power Factor?

Power factor is a factor that tells how much of the total current (VA) drawn by an appliance is actually 
being used (watts) and in ideal situation, we want the power factor to be as close to 1 as possible, means that most of the current drawn by the appliance is being used to do the actual work.