Use the below Game console Tools to find out the power consumption and electricity cost, we roughly calculate that an average game console will consume about 80 watts (In case of Game console is used for gaming), and 2 to 3 watts when standby mode (when the Game console is off but plugged in).

Nowadays,The game console has become very popular. Today the game consoles have a great way of entertainment in homes.

Game Console Power Consumption Chart

Game Console Power Consumption (Watts)
Nintendo Switch 10-18
PlayStation 4 (PS4) 70-150
PlayStation 5 (PS5) 50-200
Xbox One 70-120
Xbox Series X/S 40-200

Are you thinking of buying game consoles? but you don’t know how much Electricity does a game console use? then don’t worry. Using the below tools you can calculate the energy usage of the game console.

  • Nintendo Switch: The Nintendo Switch consumes around 10-18 watts while in use.
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4): The PS4 consumes around 70-150 watts during gameplay, but it also depend on the intensity of the game for example if it's the Slim or Pro version. If you using the PS4 Pro on an average consume more power due to its enhanced hardware.
  • PlayStation 5 (PS5): The PS5's power consumption can vary depending on the game type and it's running in energy-saving mode or not. It can consume from around 50 watts for less demanding games to over 200 watts.
  • Xbox One: The original Xbox One consumes around 70-120 watts while gaming. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X models have varying power consumption, with the Xbox One X being the most power-consuming, especially in heavy games. Xbox Series X/S: The Xbox Series X consume between from 60 to 200 watts, depending on the game and whether it's running in performance mode. The Xbox Series S consumes slightly less power, ranging from 40 to 120 watts.

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Do you know?

A game console is a video game device which is used in many homes, allowing home gamers to play games, video game consoles are smaller and movable which allow people to convey them and play them at any time or anywhere(i.e home, office, bus etc).the first game console was released in 1972(The Magnavox Odyssey reference Wikipedia)

Electricity Consumption of Game Consoles

Console Watts
Consumption of Nintendo Switch 10-18
Consumption of PS4 Pro 75-160
Consumption of PS4 Slim 55-110
Consumption of PS4 90-150
Consumption of Xbox One X 65-180
Consumption of Xbox One S 35-90
Consumption of Xbox One 70-120
Consumption of Wii U 35
Consumption of PS3 Slim 85
Consumption of PS3 Original 190
Consumption of Xbox 360 S 90
Consumption of Xbox 360 Original 180
Consumption of Wii 40


Electricity Usage of PS4

Mode Watts
PS4 Standby 10
PS4 Standby (Downloading) 70
PS4 Idle on Menu 90
PS4 Idle with Disc 95
PS4 Blue-Ray 95
PS4 Netflix 93
PS4 Game Install 115
PS4 Gaming 130-150
PS4 Charging Controller Plus 4 watts

source arstechnica

Power consumption chart of Game Consoles

I wanted to discuss today something that’s been on my mind lately and that is the power consumption that our beloved gaming consoles are taking up.

Now in this day of age where our electricity charges and prices seem to be skyrocketing much more.we’re going to be comparing the previous gaming Generations consoles so do we the PS3 and the Xbox 360 we will be comparing them to their counterparts which is the Wii U the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Now not surprisingly added the previous generations of consoles the way was the lowest consuming one.

it got 40 points here where is the PS3 got 64 which is understandable the PS3 was considerably stronger than the Wii and also the Xbox 360 which power-wise gets an extra six points on top of the PS3 which brings it up to 70.

Comparison Chart

game console chart

Now what strikes me as very interesting is just how green efficient the Wii U is now before haters jump on board and they’re all why would the Wii U is the weakest console once again it is weaker than the PS4 and we’ve got that the Xbox one that is true but the interesting thing is it even compares to the previous generation.

That’s right you heard me correctly the Wii U is obviously Leaps and Bounds million times stronger than the original Wii was being the proper HD console it only consumes 37 watts.

Nintendo has come out not only with a stronger console then before it takes up even less power the Wii U is considerably stronger than both the PS3 was and the 360 new architecture you are everything better flow with their pipelines better processor.

you can take on a lot more now that being said the Wii U even though it’s stronger than the we then the PS3 and the Xbox 360 consumes billion your power the PS3 was 64 the Xbox 360 was 17 the Wii U was only 37 and when you compare it to the other consoles that’s when things get way out of hand the PS4 is consuming our 181 watts.

The Xbox One is anywhere between 2 10 to 289.