Let me tell you that Air Conditioner energy consumption depends on many factors, like Air Conditioner technology, ratings, capacity, location, Air Conditioner type(window or split), etc.
An Air Conditioner will use from 1800 to 7000 watts depending on the capacity of the Air Conditioner, a domestic Air Conditioner consumes about 500-3000 watts will use 1500-8000 kWh yearly with 7-8 operating hours per day.

Average power consumption of air conditioners across different sizes and types:
AC Type Size Power Consumption Range (W)
Window AC 1 Ton 1200-1500 W
Window AC 1.5 Tons 1500-1800 W
Window AC 2 Tons 1800-2200 W
Split AC 1 Ton 1000-1500 W
Split AC 1.5 Tons 1500-2000 W
Split AC 2 Tons 2000-2500 W

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AC consumes more power compared to other devices in the home.AC contributes more to the household electricity bill. Therefore, choosing the right AC is very important.AC contributes almost half to the electricity bill in the house.
If you have a 1.5 ton AC in your house and operate an average of 8 hours a day, a 1-star rating AC consumes more than 9 kWh.

On the other hand, if AC is of 5-star rating, then it will consume about 7 Kwh.That means saving about 2 Kwh every day. In such a situation, if the old AC is replaced with 5 star AC, we can save more than 700 Kwh in a year.If we consider electricity cost 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, then we can save $84 annually.

In simple words, we can understand as below 

  • Central Air Conditioner – 3000-5000 Watts
  • Central A/C Fan Only(when Compressor Off) – 700-1000 Watts 
  • Largest Split AC Units(2 ton) – 1500-1800 Watts 
  • Medium Split AC  Unit(1 ton) – 800-1100 Watts
  • Smallest Split AC Unit(.5 ton) –400- 500 Watts
  • Largest Window Units(1.5 ton) – 1500-1800 Watts 
  • Medium Window Unit(1 ton) – 800-1200 Watts
  • Smallest Window Unit(.75 ton) –400- 650 Watts

How to calculate air conditioner electricity use? - in Watts, Cost & kWh

Let's take an example
Your Air Conditioner wattage(as you can see in above image) = 800 Watts
Estimated Usage Per Day = 8 hours per day
Total energy Consumption in one day = 800 x 8h = 6400Wh/1000 = 6.04kWh/day
Monthly Cost of your Air Conditioner= 6.04kWh/day x 30 days x $0.12/kWh = $21.74/month
Yearly Cost of your Air Conditioner= 6.04kWh/day x 365 days x $0.12/kWh = $264.55/year

To summarize the above calculation, we have:

Air Conditioner Wattage x Hours Used Per Day = Watt-hours per day
Watt-hours / 1000 = kWh per day
kWh per day*30* one unit price of electricity(you can find in your electricity Bill)=Monthly Cost

Air Conditioner Power Consumption Chart

Reduce electricity bill by 30 percent by running AC at 27 degrees

If we operate the AC at the right temperature, then we can save money with electricity. 
According to energy experts, if we run AC at 27D, then we an also reduce the our electricity bill by 20-30 percent in a year.
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has advised keeping the default setting of AC at 2426DC and it will save 20 billion units of electricity in a year.
we believe that the room cools quickly if we set the AC temperature to 18 degrees. But let me tell you are wrong that if also thinking the same. set the temperature to 18D OR 26D degrees it will cool the room at the same time.
Note: This estimated figure will depend on room size, temperature, and city.
Source: Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Ajay Mathur (Director General, Terry) said - "Even if it is very humid, the temperature of AC is comfortable at 24 degrees. It also saves energy and money compared to 18 or 22 degrees."

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner (AC), then you should know about some important things about AC such as which AC you should take, SPLIT AC or WINDOW AC.
What does the star rating of an air conditioner mean, what does ton mean in AC like what is the difference between air conditioners of 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton and what is an inverter air conditioner?
Let me clarify your query one by one.

Air conditioners are mainly of 2 types.

Window A / C - As its name is "Window", it clearly states that this type of air conditioners are installed on the window of the home or offices.
You must have seen such A / C on the windows of many houses with a part of it is outside the house with the help of the window and the cooling part is inside the house.

Split AC-Split AC has two units: Out-door and In-door.The in-door part is kept indoors(inside room) and Outdoors can be placed outside the house or on the roof because the outdoor unit needs fresh air.A pipeline connects the Indoor and Outdoor units.

What does 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton AC mean? What is Ton in AC?

Whenever someone goes to buy AC, they are asked how much ton of AC they need, then that person thinks about what ton means and many people understand that ton means air conditioner Weight.
Let me tell you that ton does not mean the weight of the air conditioner (AC).

Ton means the cooling capacity of AC, In simple words, you can say "how much heat an air conditioner can reduce in an hour", and this amount of heat is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit).

An air conditioner needs about 20 BTU per hour to cool a square foot space and 3.5 BTU is equal to 1 watt so 1 ton is equal to 12000 BTU.
  • A 1-ton air conditioner is perfect for cooling 100 square feet of room.
  • A 1.5-ton air conditioner is perfect for cooling a room built in 150 square feet.
  • Similarly, a 2-ton air conditioner is perfect for cooling 200 square feet of space.

What Is Inverter AC?

Inverter air conditioner (Inverter AC) is a new technology.When we talk about the Inverter air conditioner, some people think that this air conditioner operates using inverter but it is not so.

The Inverter air conditioner technology is the latest advanced technique so that it can save 20–50% of power as compared to a regular air conditioner.

Let me tell you that an Inverter air conditioner does not turn off the compressor. The inverter technology works like an accelerator on your bike.
Like when we drive a bike, when we have to increase the speed, we increase the accelerator. To reduce speed, we reduce the accelerator.
In the same way, the compressor works in inverter technology. Whenever the compressor requires more power, it supplies more power. When it requires less power, it supplies less power.

For example, if you have set the temperature of your air conditioner to 20 ° degree, then the air conditioner will turn off at room temperature from 18 ° to 20 ° and as the room temperature rises the air conditioner will turn on automatically.

Similarly, a common air conditioner works, but due to repeated shutdown and turn on, the power consumption is high, as we know that any appliance takes more power in turning on.
The inverter air conditioner does not turn off the compressor so that it does not require the power to turn on the compressor. An inverter air conditioner cost more than an ordinary air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Tips To Save Energy

1.The air conditioner has a sleep mode, use it, by doing so, the air conditioner will automatically shut down in the morning, it will save electricity.

2.Do the air conditioner service on time, so that the air conditioner works well and it will also improve the cooling.

3.Use economy mode, air conditioners on economy mode consume less power.

4.Set the cooling of the air conditioner around 24 to 26 degrees Celsius because it consumes less energy.

5.The AC also cools down whatever is in the room. So the less stuff in the room, the better.
Many electrical appliances release heat. Therefore, pay attention to the electrical appliances in your room.It will also benefit if you use LED instead of a normal bulb.

6.The number of windows in the room also affect the cooling capacity of the Ac. Therefore, AC should be installed in rooms which have less number of windows.

If this is not possible, then these windows must be insulated. This will reduce the effect of the sun's heat in the room and AC will work well. it will reduce power consumption.

7.In many homes, ACs are installed in rooms where direct sunlight coming through the windows. Due to Sunlight, the compressor of AC works more to cool the room it consumes more power.  But the walls of the houses cannot be changed, but they can be improved. Heat-coated paint can be applied on these walls to reduce the amount of light in your room
This will stop the sun's heat in the room and the electricity bill will also be reduced with good coolness.

8.Along with the cooling capacity of the AC, the quality of air is also necessary. Therefore, taking AC with the latest filter is a better and beneficial deal.The correct filters in AC not only give clean air but also increase the cooling capacity of the room and also reduce the power consumption. However, AC filters require daily cleaning.

9.Before taking AC, everyone is worried about the bills. The higher the star rating in an AC, the lower the power consumption. To save electricity and get fewer bills, you can take AC with a 4 or 5-star rating.

10.Clean the vents once a week: The air conditioner vent quickly becomes dirty and clogged. This can increase your electricity bill. A clogged vent means the compressor needs to work more and it will take more energy to cool the room.

11.Air Condition Maintenance :An AC unit draws the largest amount of electricity in your monthly bill. Old AC consumes a lot of power.
If you have an old AC then Replace your AC with a modern high-efficiency Energy Star rating AC. The new AC consumes very little electricity compared to the old one and it can reduce the electricity bill by 20-40%.

12.People usually do not do basic maintenance of AC. Basic maintenance is good for the efficiency of AC.Basic maintenance means that its filter should be cleaned at least once in two months, replace it if needed. Evaporator coils should be checked and cleaned in a year.

13.Do not leave the AC running, leaving the AC running increases the burden of electricity bill.
Many people leave the AC in the auto mode and go to the office to keep the house cool. Instead, use the thermostat or individual unit timer.

14.If you are running AC in the house and using the exhaust fan of the kitchen or bathroom along with it, it will affect the performance of the AC. This will also affect the electricity bill.    The exhaust fan will let the cool air out of the house. Therefore, if AC is running, use an exhaust fan only when it is very important.