You all know, In our daily life, how important is electricity?.We can not live without electricity. Whether we are at home, in the school or a mall, electricity is used everywhere.

Think, if there was no electricity then how would our life be? Neither computer nor mobile, nor bulb and fan.The electronic appliance we use contributes to our monthly electricity bill.The contribution of some household devices small and some more than others like the fridge, Air conditioner, etc.

If you know how much electricity your appliances and home electronics use, with this you will know which appliances in your house are consuming the most electricity and which are consuming less. With this information you can easily know which appliances are contributing to your electricity bill cost most.

Using the below tool you can calculate the monthly, yearly contribution of each device in your electricity bill.

Using this household electricity consumption calculator you can easily calculate the electricity cost of household appliances.

  1. Choose the device type from “Typical appliance” from the list.
  2. Choose your country from the “Select Country” list. if your country is not on the list don’t worry, choose “other” option in the list).
  3. Input the power use(wattage of the device), Number hours of use per day, per unit(kilowatt-hour (kWh) ) cost and click the calculate button.
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Here we have given a chart which shows the average wattage and estimated bill of your home appliance, you can use this information to estimate the electricity bill of your home, from this you will know how much electricity an appliance is using so you can decide which appliance in your house is consuming the most electricity.

How Much electricity Appliance Use Each Day?

If you want to check the electricity bill by yourself, then before that you must know the following electric signs. First, understand the parameters mentioned below.

1) What is a Watt?

Watt also indicates the speed of power consumption. That is, the wattage of any device represents the speed of power consumption of that device. If a device is of 100 watts, it means that that device will consume 100 watts of power in an hour. Watt is represented by W ie 1 watt can also be written as 1W.

2) What is KiloWatt?

1000 watts is equal to one kilo watt. The kilowatt is denoted by kW.
1KW = 1000W

3) What is Watt Hour?

Total power consumption is expressed by watt-hour. Watt-hour is also denoted by WH.Watt-hour (WH) is obtained by multiplying the watt and time used for electric equipment.

If you use a 1W device continuously for 1 hour, it means that you have consumed 1 watt of electricity. And if you use a 500-watt device for 2 hours continuously then the total power consumption is:

= 500 watts x 2 hour {watt hour = watt x hour}
=1000 WH

3) What is Kilowatt-hour?

1000 watt-hours equal 1 kilowatt-hour. A kilowatt-hour is also denoted by kWH.
1kWH = 1000WH

4) What is Unit of power: What is a unit?

A 1-kilowatt hour is called a unit. The electricity bill comes based on this unit.
1000 WH = 1 kWH = 1 unit = 1 unit?

4 simple step for calculating the electricity cost

  1. Find out the watts each electronic device uses per day.
  2. Now Convert watts to kilowatts. (1 watt = kilowatts/1000)
  3. Find out the kilowatts an electronic appliance uses per month.
  4. Now Finally find out the electricity cost.

Now we want to calculate the energy usage cost of a particular device that is very need to know two value, first, the electronic device’s wattage and second is the number of hours use per day.

Calculate the Energy consumption per day using below formula

E(kWh/day) = P(W) × time(h/day) / 1000(W/kW)

Calculate Electricity cost per day using below formula

Electricity Cost($/day) = E(kWh/day) × Cost(cent/kWh) / 100(cent/$)

I have taken electricity cost in cents you can take your country currency, you can find per Unit Cost on
your electricity bill.

Find Out Watts usage Per Day

You can find device wattage on your devices(usually on back or bottom) or you can use the below power consumption chart which we have given.

  • Multiply the wattage of your electronic device by the number of hours operate it in a day.
  • The result will provide you the number of watt-hours used each day.

Let’s take an example, you use your washing machine 1 hour per day.Now We need to multiply the watts(350) by the number of the hour used(1).you can find that the washing is consuming 350 watt-hours per day.

350 watts * 1 hours =350 watt-hours per day

Watt-Hours to kilowatt-hours Conversion

Do you know that electricity is calculated in kWh(kilowatt-hours) on your electricity bill?So we need to convert watt-hours to kilowatt-hours

1 kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts.

To find out how many kWh a device consumes?, we need to divide the watt-hours by 1,000.
that means you need to divide 350 watt-hours by 1,000.

350 watt-hours per day / 1000 =0.350 kWh per day

Calculate energy Usage for a Month

0.350 kWh washing machine consume per day.

For Calculating the energy Usage for a Month, multiply that by 30 to calculate energy usage for the month. So daily usage is 0.350 kWh, then monthly usage would be 10.5 kWh.

.35 kWh per day X 30 days =10.5 kWh per month

Find Out the usage Cost

This is the final step you must know how much you pay per kWh?you can refer to your last month electric bill to see the cost of per kWh.

Let’s take you to pay 10 cents per kWh.You need to Multiply your electricity rate (0.10) by your monthly consumption (10.5) to calculate how much your washing is costing you in a month ($1.05).

10.5 kWh per month * 0.10 per kWh =$1.05 per month

Household Appliance Wattage Chart

Category Appliance Average Wattage (W)
Kitchen Appliances Refrigerator 80-200
Oven 2000-5000
Microwave 600-1500
Toaster 800-1500
Coffee Maker 800-1200
Dishwasher 1200-2400
Heating Electric Heater 1000-5000
Space Heater 1500-5000
Cooling & Entertainment Air Conditioner 1000-5000
Ceiling Fan 50-120
Television (TV) 60-500
Gaming Console 50-200
Lights Incandescent Bulb 40-100
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) 5-30
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb 5-20
Household Tools and Devices Vacuum Cleaner 500-3000
Washing Machine 350-500
Dryer 1800-5000
Iron 1000-1800
Bathroom Appliances Hair Dryer 800-1800
Electric Shaver 15-50